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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Moved to Wordpress

I've finally taken the plunge and moved to Wordpress, so you might want to adjust your blogrolls! 

I’ve been putting it off because of importation problems from Blogger to WP (blog titles and a few other bits and pieces have successfully transferred, but not the posts themselves) – so to view older posts, you’ll have to skip back to this site.

I'll be adding my Blogger blogroll members to WP over the coming days.   Should I forget to include yours, please let me know!

See you on the other side ...

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Inside the European Parliament - it's worse than you thought!

Last week in Brussels, UKIP Deputy Leader and MEP, Paul Nuttall, showed Justin Dunne* around the European Parliament. He documented his experiences in three blog posts - not to be missed! - here:

* The political editor of the Sunday Sport



Sunday, 24 March 2013

UKIP Spring Conference 2013: Nigel Farage's speech


Part 1:

Part 2:

Friday, 22 March 2013

BBC's Greg Palast - The Assassination of Hugo Chavez

Download the full version of Greg Palast's new documentary for free, here.

UKIP gains two councillors with 40% of the vote

Council by-elections in the past two weeks:

Foxhills Ward, Runnymede 
UKIP 336 (40.2%, +17.4)
Con 318 (38.1%, -8.5)
Lab 181 (21.7%, -0.3)

13% swing from Con to UKIP since 2012
Gooshays Ward, Havering 
UKIP 831 (39%, +24.6)
Lab 569 (26.7%, -1.8)
Con 280 (13.1%, -12.6)
Harrold Hill Res Assoc 227 (10.6%, +1.2)
BNP 202 (9.5%, -12.5)
Res Assoc of London 24 (1.1%, +1.1)
UKIP gain from Con

Adeyfield West Ward, Dacorum 
Lib Dem 363 (32.6%, +18.1)
Lab 278 (25%, -17.5)
Con 229 (20.6%, -22.4)
UKIP 193 (17.3%, +17.3)
Eng Dem 51 (4.6%, +4.6)
17.8% swing from Lab to Lib Dem since 2011 
Aldwick East Ward, Arun 
Lib Dem 383 (33.6%, +20.5)
Con 357 (31.3%, -22.3),
UKIP 339 (29.7%, +18.1)
Lab 61 (5.4%, -5.4)
21.4% swing from Con to LD since 2011

Hat tip: ConservativeHome

Osborne gives Bank of England power of taxation

Fraser Nelson correctly observes that "Britain's fortunes rest on the Bank’s great money-printing machine".

In giving the Bank of England carte blanche to ramp up inflation, Osborne has effectively removed Parliament's ability to block inflation.

Given that inflation is taxation by stealth, he's given the BoE the power to tax us by as much as it wishes, removing the mechanism of democratic accountability.

Why are no MPs concerned about this?

Blog Off!

Hat tip: Guido Fawkes



Thursday, 21 March 2013

View from Belgium: Why we need a free press

A view from stoffel45 in Belgium - the land of subsidised, supine media:

"I'm sitting in Belgium and listening to a Gypsy family in a very old Bedford flatbed truck, driving round and round with a megaphone asking for anything made of metal.

My Belgian neighbour who has lived here hasn't seen anything like it  since he was a child. - Then it was the Bretons from France, selling onions off the back of their bicycles and crying out their wares.

At our Intersections, Gypsy folk are handing out business card sized papers asking for money.

This is the EU on the eve of what the locals here call "The Great Invasion".
At the newstand, where a blether of Belgian, French and German papers are on sale - there is no front page mention of Cyprus.

Belgians KNOW very well that Cypriots are just Greeks living on an island. They saw it on TV.

They KNOW that Cypriots are swarthy, moustachioed characters, "Similar to the Gypsies you know - must be very careful." Again TV tells them.

They know that Merkel has the Cypriot measure and is currently "sorting them out."

They do not stop to think that the Germans, who now run the EU are behaving like the same people who occupied Belgium not so long ago. Nor that the EU is an accomplice in this skullduggery.

Dear Friends in the UK - there is no UKIP here.
There are Media Subsidies.
Editors behave - as politicians want them to.

If people believe the EU is right, Merkel is right it is because of what their politicians tell them.

EU suborned politicians. Though it was ever thus.

All the millions and millions of Spaniards, Portuguese, Irish, Greeks, Cypriots, Italians and now Cypriots people are lazy, sit in the shade, shysters and wasters.

I mean it MUST be True - the Germans say so.

The EU says so.

The Media says so.

Now do you see why you need Press Freedom?

Now do you understand why UKIP is a force for Good?

Here is a little country, Cyprus - with a very long history, which is being bullied by the EU - because the EU WANTS their newly found GAS field - the largest one in the World.

The Butcher's Loan bill is only 10 billion euro. Most of that owing to French and German banks (cough).

If Cyprus is really smart - they will have BP or Shell (not Gazprom) divide 1o Billion into so many production years and pledge it in support.

Loans settled. Cyprus happily says goodbye to the EU - with a cheerful, "See you tomorrow as our esteemed customer" and leaves.

The Euro? Well largely it is the foundation of the problem. if there had been no euro -there would not be a crisis. Fact.

That can go on the rubbish heap where it truly belongs too.

In return - Cypriots are Free folk again. Democracy is theirs again.

When they wish to ride the troughs and peaks of World economic recession they can adjust their exchange rates.

Interesting, doncha think - that Merkel herself got mad when the Finance Minister of Cyprus went to Moscow to "Do a deal"
"Hey ! You can ONLY discuss these matters with the EU. You are FORBIDDEN to ask the Russians for a deal."

Real Pre-1945 stuff hey.

Now you know WHY you can only support UKIP and get rid of the Triad (LAB, LIB and CON) who sold us out."

(In response to Bruno Waterfield's latest piece).

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Press freedom: Advice to the Daily Mail

Heed it. It could just save your butt and help you win the war against press freedom.



Nigel Farage: "Do not invest in the Eurozone"

As ZeroHedge says, "5 minutes of reality from a European MP - must watch...":


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