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Friday, 11 June 2010

James Delingpole on Alex Jones: Obama's BP-bashing

James Delingpole talks to Alex Jones about Obama's disgraceful attack on Britain, via BP (which he calls British Petroleum), to bolster his flagging poll ratings.


banned said...

So someone has finally said it, gulf oil leak is another inside job, well done James and alex

Fausty, I'm going to link this @amusing bunni, she will love it.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Fausty! Banned is quite right. I'm glad he linked this on my latest post.

I've been thinking from day one this was an inside job too, it has obummer's grubby handprints all over it.
Except that it has backfired big time for bammy, he's now lower in the polls than jimmeh carter...hee hee.

Great post, I will watch all the clips (I subscribe to Alex on YouTube) after the Blackhawk fever winds down, today BIG celebrating day in Chicago!
Happy weekend, mates, Cheers.

Fausty said...

'Tis looking mighty fishy, banned!

According to Alex, Obummer is seeking to use this oil spill as an excuse to kickstart his failed Cap and Trade policy. I hope you guys let him have it with both barrels, Bunni!

Best of luck to Blackhawk, and hope the sun shines in Chicago! Have a great weekend!

quisno said...

May i say here gentlemen lets keep the retoric down here. Its not O'bummer idiot its Barry Soetoro. And to all of you accrossed the pond. The word is out that the Brits are the bad guys. Its about time. i thought you were all hiding under your beds. Now all you thugs and football crazies its time to stand up for your rights. and We in America, we who have sat on our arses for the last 80 years are starting to grow fangs. Maybe gents well get the job done. And remember I expect you when entering my room to spit on the floor and call the cat a bastard.

Fausty said...

Hey, quisno, we, the people of the UK and you, the people of the US, are on the same side. It's our 'leaders' who are at odds.

Appearances suggest that we are now ruled by a benign government - the bills that this government bring before parliament will be the test of that.

Soetoro is trashing your great country and I hope you return the favour by sending him into political oblivion, along with his corrupt cronies - and thence, to jail, where they all belong.

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