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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Obama's BP-bashing

Iain Dale is cheesed off with Obama's "Shameless Populism" over the Oil spill, which has him sticking the boot into BP, and over-emphasising it's "British" origins.

Whatever we think of Obama, it is clear that he is carrying out Dubya's agenda - or rather the agenda of their political masters. The trajectory is not difficult to discern.

Obama's stance seems to be several-fold:

  • Dosh - Get BP to pay for clean-up/restoration of states affected, given the US's and its states' finance black holes;
  • Populism - appearing to bash corporations;
  • Environmentalism - excuse to clamp down on oil usage;
  • Sop to stock market - effort to create synthetic scarcity of oil and thus, boost oil prices significantly;
  • Environmentalism - effort to ban all off-shore drilling;
  • Socialism - move towards nationalising oil companies.

The man is a socialist/corporatist, who is deeply unpopular and who faces a hiding in the November elections. He has a packed agenda to fulfil, before he is packed off to work for one of his donor corporations after his electoral armageddon.


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