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Saturday, 17 March 2012

What can our MPs do for us?

Will the EU still exist in 2020? Or will the debt time bomb kill it off before then?

There are trillions (if not quadrillions - and how can we know?) of worthless debt instruments on bank balance sheets which simply cannot be repaid.

Think about it.  Our 'money' is created out of debt, and yet banks refuse to lend. So if no (net) new money is being created, where is the money to come from to pay for all the toxic piles of existing, hidden debt?

Unless there is debt forgiveness, the powers will find it increasingly necessary to oppress the populace: a) financially; b) politically; c) socially; d) via the military - to keep the musical chairs game going for a bit longer.

It is becoming abundantly clear that various powers (countries, global organisations and corporations) have been waging a financial war for hegemony - which means that debt forgiveness is "unthinkable" to them.

For decades, only a small handful of right-thinking politicians in our country have been willing to fight for our democracy.  They've been successfully sidelined by a band of EUphile insiders who "persuade" MPs, via inducements they can't refuse, to support their line. This has been achieved by centralising power (even in the Conservative party) and by creating ever more makework jobs for pliant MPs.

So the system is skewed, politically.  If we want to win this battle, we're going to have to take action ourselves - and I don't mean by the ballot box, although there is still some small smidgeon of use in that.

We have spending power.  Let's direct it.

Don't like bailouts?  Well then, withdraw your funds from the banks so blessed and place them in a Mutual, or in gold (being sure to take immediate physical delivery of it). And cut up your credit cards.

Don't like being done over by large chain stores and supermarkets? Then support your local shop or simply buy a whole lot less.  Let's not forget that these behemoths survive at the expense of local entrepreneurs.

We need to change the way we think and interact with the world that our successive governments have created for us.  I'm appalled at what they've done to destroy entrepreneurship in this country by marching towards cronyism/corporatism.

A sustained effort of the type I've described above can begin to strip out many of these often parasitic organisations from our immediate midst.  And before the Guardianistas complain about this type of action "killing jobs", just think of all the opportunities that will come to the fore once local demand makes them obvious.

Businesses don't emerge in a vacuum. First, there has to be demand.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs cannot emerge unless red tape is slashed.  That is a job for MPs and if we feel the need to press our MPs to do anything at all, it should be to take an axe to red tape.


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