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Monday, 23 April 2012

'France election 2012: Nicolas Sarkozy says far-Right vote cannot be ignored'

Really?  So, why has he ignored them entirely while in power?  1 in 5 voters chose Marine Le Pen's party.  Anti-Euro, anti-EU, anti-immigration, and anti-globalisation. 

"François Bayrou, the Centrist candidate and “third man” of the 2007 campaign, failed to break the expected 10 per cent mark." 

That was 'Centrist' Mr. Cameron - you know that vacuous place where you give up all your principles just to fish for the largest number of votes?  Its that dull grey spot on the map where you've perilously parked you party.   Stay there.  UKIP is enjoying the ride.



Fausty said...

Welcome aboard, M!

Fortunately for UKIP, Cameron is likely to take your advice.

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