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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Poll ratings versus reality

Stephan Shakespeare attempts to make sense of recent poll ratings to determine the Conservative Party's popularity relative to various political groupings.

But there are two important factors which aren't measured:

First, the effect of media coverage - or lack of it. 
While LibLabCon issues get coverage, UKIP news largely relies on the bush telegraph - which is relatively unpredictable. 
Second, "dawning".  Many people who are disillusioned with the three main parties have become so by realising a few truths which hitherto had been somewhat hidden - e.g., expenses scandal, corruption and, on a more basic level, where the power lies. 
This dawning is therefore one of truth. The funny thing about truth is that it spreads and, once spread, cannot be unspread.  Lies and spin, on the other hand, must be constantly maintained and eventually are sunk under the weight of their own contradictions and absurdities. 

Truth is winning, steadily.
How do you measure that?




rental mobil said...

Nice article, thanks for sharing.

mhayworth said...

Yes, the backlash on Hannan's blog last night was positive for UKIP. So many Tories realising the true nature of their own party and of those who feign Eurosceptism - except when it really matters.

Unfortunate though that Lord Hesketh was cut off by Paxman on Newsnight when just about to discuss the Tory role in bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to power across North Africa.

Fausty said...

It's looking good, MH.

Very disappointing article by Dan. I'm surprised that I'm surprised!

Agree about Lord Hesketh, although he ought to hone his skills as a media interviewee. He lost precious air time by waffling.

mhayworth said...

Yes, that seems to be a Lord-ish trait though - rather than a UKIP specific one.

More anti-UKIP articles today though. The Tories are churning them out at break-neck speed - but no one is buying this time. Junius has popped his ugly head back into the blogsphere and I'm sure we can't expect some pretty damming stuff to start wafting from the BBC news. Its all good though because everytime they insult us, our membership increases. I say - bring it on!

Fausty said...

Yes - agreed.

The BBC seems to enjoy using UKIP to give the Tories a bloody nose. This is a great tool for Farage to use!

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