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Saturday, 12 January 2013

EU Muppet Show Propaganda Drive, Part n

Seen on the latest EU propaganda piece from Honda:

Its time to tell the porkies
Its time to lie all night
Its time to fool the people
On the EU show tonight

You must obey your orders
Its time you did it right
There'll be no re-negotiation
On the EU show tonight

To thwart your referendum
Is what im here to do
So it really makes me happy
To lie and bully you

Its time to pile on pressure!
Its time to start a fight
Its time to shaft the British
On the EU show tonight!

If you don't respect our country's people's wishes, Honda, then b*gger off.  Go and encourage your country to form a union with China - then you can have all the 'free' 'trade', EU-style, that you want.
I'd rather be dirt poor and free than be a part of a totalitarian nightmare superstate.

Oh, and take your awful cars with you.

Thank you and good-bye.




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