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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

EU-phile Shill Fest continues

As yet another shill attempts to scare the population away from an EU exit, ever more people become desperate to find solutions - ways to force sensible government into existence.

They ask, "What can we do?". They lament: "We are disarmed!".  They wail "Our votes don't count!".

But there's plenty we can do.

We can revolt with our money and with our consent. We consumers and taxpayers needn't buy goods from corporations we dislike, or continue to hold bank accounts with banks which have destroyed our economic future.  We can buy from corner shops, struggling farmers and second-hand shops, instead.

We don't have to use Google, which farms our information and sells it to governments and other global corporations. We can use DuckDuckGo, instead.

We don't have to buy so much, thereby providing the government with 20% of the cost of our purchases. We can make our own, or make do, or buy from neighbours, friends and community co-operatives. If none exist, we can start our own, with our neighbours and friends.

We don't have to be enslaved by our debts. We can pay them off and live within our means and place our savings into physical gold which we physically hold in our paws.

We can thus immunise ourselves to a large degree by not using their funny money (where possible) and by not feeding them with our time, custom and money.  We can kill them off by ignoring them and giving our custom to the more worthy.

We can Starve the Beast, depriving the Treasury of the revenue it craves - so forcing it to cut spending.

They cannot yet jail us for not spending.

Think about it.  Try it.




ukgoldbug said...

All good ideas but you left out Bitcoin and I have to take issue with your assumption that there is such a thing as sensible government - there isn't.

Fausty said...

Yes, indeed, ukgoldbug!

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