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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Speaking truth to evil

It's one thing for journalists to (at last) recognise that the EU is rotten to the core - its "principles", its methods, its aims, its inherent corruption and its total and utter collective arrogance.

It's quite another for a journalist to have the courage to "speak directly to evil rather than be its apologist", as drjonathanwilson noted in his comment on Oborne's latest article:
"You are trying to cover these vile people with a veil of respectability by excusing their social butchery as merely an intellectual error.
Their motivation is, like all the other butchers before them,  absolute power. There is nothing here that makes this simply an intellectual mistake.
You display Chamberlain levels of naivety in the face of demonstrated evil. 
Perhaps you should add another attribute to what a good reporter should be: The ability to see and speak directly to evil rather than be its apologist."
I don't see any journalists, in the corporate media, capable of - or having the courage to - speak truth to evil.

Do you?




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