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Thursday, 7 February 2013

EU to sneak party political funding in via back door

... as discussed in the HoC European Committee B, yesterday.  Currently, these proposals purport to pertain only to "transnational" parties within the EU - and not to internal national parties.  But Lidington refers to the difference between EU transnational parties and domestic parties, which leads me to assume that the proposals are merely a stepping stone to achieve state funding of all political parties.

I'm particularly suspicious because:

  1. These proposals are to be sneaked in under cover of financial regulations.
  2. EU funding is to be conditional - i.e., the EU dictates their policies, culture and behaviour.  And what have we witnessed in the Conservative Party, if not its EUisation?

This puts Cameron's disembowelment of the Conservative Party via "gay marriage" in a completely different light - it is clear that he is determined to destroy the party as currently configured.

"Modernisation" is just a label designed to disguise the origins of all policy "initiatives" emanating from the three "main" parliamentary parties which are struggling to fund their operations as members desert them in droves. Clegg is pushing hardest, as he watches his party descend into oblivion before his eyes.

Given how much Cameron has done to disembowel the Conservative Party, I doubt the emergence of this EU document (13842/12*) on the funding of political parties is a timing co-incidence: one to keep a close eye on.

* Parliament has not made this document available to the public, it seems, but the European Scrutiny Committee has reported on it.


Highland Cooncil said...

on Scottish Government !!!

Not many deed !!!


FreeThinke said...

If David Cameron is a conservative, I'm a winged serpent.

Britain seems to be suffering from a nearly identical condition as the United States. Ever since the departure of Mrs. Thatcher and Ronald Reagan the supposed-conservatives have become increasingly cooperative with and similar to the liberals.

We have no meaningful opposition to de facto One Party Rule here in the US.

Ron Paul tried valiantly and failed, despite having attracted a large, young, highly enthusiastic, highly vocal following. His son Rand seems to be following in his father's footsteps, but his chances of becoming a predominant force in American politics appear scant at best.

The once-free world seems to have been infected with a suicidal mania.

~ FreeThinke

Fausty said...

I'm with you, FreeThinke. The governments of once free nations have found a way around the democratic process - international treaties.

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