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Thursday, 14 February 2013

'Phone Hacking: the EU's "beneficial crisis"

Paul Goodman might be too polite to say what he thinks, but he knows what's going on with regard to press regulation by any other name:

"The brutal answer to the last enquiry is that the press has little room for manoevre, having been driven by Leveson into a corner - a consequence of its own errors and (let's be frank) crimes."

We know:

  • that these crimes were not prosecuted,
  • that the drive for press control comes from the EU and
  • that EU diktats can be 10 or more years in the making, so slow are its processes.

Ergo, it seems safe to surmise that, at best, this hacking "scandal" was ignored during its incubation as having the potential to become a "beneficial crisis" - and at worst, engineered.


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