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Friday, 22 February 2013

Who is paying Tim Stanley ...

... to write this drivel?

Anders puts it best:
"It is your genocidal immigrationist ideology that is the true sickness. Your ideology is genocidal because it denies the existence of peoples as anything other than serfs whose identity is defined by governments based on an administrative status called citizenship. It denies the existence of peoples as anything deeper than that, in the terms recognised by the genocide convention; or, if it deigns to acknowledge their existence at all, denies them the moral right to a home of their own, where they can practise their own culture living amongst their own kind.

Wishing to live in a secure living space with others of your own kind is a core human instinct. All people on earth feel it. But only Europeans are stigmatised for expressing it. Even the alien peoples currently colonising Europe immediately form ghettos where they can live amongst their own. The Muslims systematically drive out non-Muslims to take control of specific areas. The fantasy of different peoples melding together into some delicious-tasting sludge exists only in the minds of the people who rule us and the people who minister to their interests through public information outlets (like you).

Even in the USA, the different peoples form ghettos and territories of their own. The melting pot is a fantasy. Insofar as it worked at all, it worked because the people coming together were Europeans, with broad cultural commonalities. Even to the extent that it works, it is horrific and genocidal. Why should people have to abolish their own differences, erase everything that makes them distinctive, rather than preserve them and cherish them? It is not the BNP who are the true heirs to Hitler, but you. Your ideology ultimately denies the right of European peoples to exist by denying them the right to a home of their own; and its clear practical consequence is the ever-intensifying hybridisation of Europe with Asia and Africa. It is not moral or admirable. It is institutionalised genocide.

Systems that depend on the systematic repression of the democratic will of the people, on the criminalisation of their free speech, on turning the education system into an instrument of propaganda and on across-the-board falsification of media reporting to serve political purposes attract sick people to service their interests. Sick people like you, Tim Stanley. You are the moral equivalent of those who once plied their trade for Pravda, serving the interests of a totalitarian system on behalf of its rulers."


Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Anders - he's often right on the button.

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